We are happy to send your diamond to GIA for grading. The non-refundable fee to do so is $375 USD. Please allow up to 3 weeks for processing. Once we receive the diamond back from GIA, we can proceed with the production of your ring.
Please keep in mind, while GIA is seen as the world’s foremost authority on diamond grading, the process is still a subjective science, and it is possible to have two GIA Graduate Gemologists have a difference of opinion when it comes to assigning a color or clarity grade. Color is assessed by looking through the pavilion of the diamond while it is face down using master stones to guide the gemologist. It is not uncommon for there to be a slight variation in the final grade allocated. Clarity is graded using 10x magnification either with a loupe or microscope. The clarity grade is based on a number of factors including the type, size, color, and location of the natural inclusion(s).

While you can certainly schedule a service appointment (service drop-off) at one of our US showrooms, we do not offer services on site. Your design will ship from a showroom to one of our jewelers for servicing. Once ready, it will ship back to your confirmed address!

All of our Lab Sparkle pendants are sold with a chain, and cannot be removed. If you are interested in crafting a custom Lab Sparkle pendant, please schedule an in-person or virtual appointment with one of our Diamond Experts here. You can learn more about the custom design process here and here.

We expect to dispatch ready-to-ship jewelry within two business days. Loose diamond purchases ship within 1-4 business days.
The shipping and processing times depend on the items you're ordering. The status of each product is indicated on each individual product page, as well as a ships by date.

Yes! To ensure your Lab Sparkle purchases are delivered to you safely, we require a signature on all FedEx and USPS Priority Mail shipments. Please refer to FedEx signature requirements and delivery options here.